10 | Dr. Amy Wood and her upcoming Florida Bar approved mental health webinar: "Less Stress AND Billable Hours? Yes you can really have it all!"

Welcoming Dr. Amy Wood to the MNBP!  Dr. Wood shared with us what she does and told us about her (very exciting!) and upcoming Florida Bar approved mental health webinar titled: "Less Stress AND Billable Hours? Yes you can really have it all!"  Even if you are not a lawyer, this episode has something for you as Dr. Wood sheds light on the importance of tuning into your "internal GPS" aka your intuition. She also talks about how taking breaks, especially in nature, can boost your sense of wellbeing and also, increase your productivity. 

Credit: Amy Wood

Credit: Amy Wood

This episode is good for anyone interested in the work that Amy does with busy, stressful adults, her upcoming wellness CLE for Florida lawyers, and she reminds us of the importance of getting outside in nature and always remaining grateful. 


Who:  Dr. Amy Wood

Where: Portland, Maine, USA

When:  18 July 2017

What we explore together:

  • Her work and how she helps stressful, adult clients cope with the fast passed, technologically-filled life
  • Collaborative law, what it is, and her role in the process
  • Her upcoming Florida Bar approved mental health webinar: "Less Stress AND Billable Hours? Yes you can really have it all!"  The webinar is about reducing stress, learning more about yourself, developing better coping mechanisms, and moving forward. After you will have a practical roadmap to help you continue along.  The webinar will be held on August 24th, 2017 at 6:00pm Eastern and it costs $79.00. If you are interested, send her an email at amywood@amywoodpsyd.com. Remember, if you cannot catch it live, it will be available for download after.  

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How Amy explores:

The world:

“Through my senses” 
This way you are actually being, listening, and feeling experiences and you are more likely to remember that experience.
For example, hiking in nature.

“If you get away from work and immerse yourself in nature, you get more done and feel refreshed and positive.”

“Those people who take their vacation time and weekends, those people ultimately make more money, happier, and have fun.”

Her mind:     
Through reading.

She exposes herself to things outside her regular habits or comfort zone. She likes to try something outside of what she usually goes with.

Her body

She stays pretty active by hiking, run, swimming, walk, and a little bit of surfing.

"Listen to what your body needs”- on choosing what to eat

Her spirit:
Connection is her definition of spirituality.

“Immersing myself in different opportunities to feel that connection”

“Spending time with people I love.”

“Getting together with people I do not see everyday.”

The one activity, habit, behavior that makes feel in her Natural Beet is:

At the end of everyday she writes down there things that she appreciates.
It is a great way to unwind and of course, she loves to spend time with her dog. 

And remember: 

“Whatever happens you are going to be able to handle it”

The three words she uses to description herself:

Curious, Optimistic, and Committed

Words Amy wanted to leave with us:

Remember to tune into the webinar on August 24th at 6E for the price of $79.
You can email: amywood@amywoodpsyd.com and of course, if you want to learn more about her, check out her book titled
"Life Your Way: Refresh Your Approach to Success and Breathe Easier in a Fast-Paced World."  It is all about how to go within and create the life that you want.


Links mentioned or referred to:

Amy Wood's website
Amy Wood's book
Collaborative Law- in Minnesota.
Maine Collaborative Law Alliance


“Offering people a port in the storm” - on what she does
“More about helping ambitious adults stay centered and stay grounded” - on what she does
“We all have an inner voice” - on our intuition
“Getting in touch with their intuition” – helping others
“Accept that it isn’t going away" - on stress
"Go within, change your perspective - learn to navigate these external demands, You need single minded focus.
“Intuition: internal GPS" - on stress
“Go with your strengths”-  on how to manage stress
“Human interaction grounds us”- on connection
“You have to get our body to try new things.” - on movement
“Listen to your body”- on what you eat
“Focus on what you appreciate!”


A huge shout out to the guys of Na'an Stop the jammin' band from Boulder, Colorado for the accompanying podcast music. Their music makes you feel good and want to get up and dance! 

Visit them on social media:

Na'an Stop website


Photo credit: https://twitter.com/naanstopmusic & http://www.boulderweekly.com/entertainment/music/green-light-for-boulder-band-naan-stop/edit: 

Photo credit: https://twitter.com/naanstopmusic & http://www.boulderweekly.com/entertainment/music/green-light-for-boulder-band-naan-stop/edit: 

Photo credit: https://twitter.com/naanstopmusic & http://www.boulderweekly.com/entertainment/music/green-light-for-boulder-band-naan-stop/edit: 

Photo credit: https://twitter.com/naanstopmusic & http://www.boulderweekly.com/entertainment/music/green-light-for-boulder-band-naan-stop/edit: 

If you are a Florida lawyer, I hope you will check out Amy's webinar. And in any event, I hope this episode was inspiring, made you laugh, or gave you something new to think about. I would be glad if you shared it with a friend and/or left a review on iTunes. The more the merrier my friends! And if you want to Nominate a Guest to be on the MNB Podcast, feel free to do that by clicking here.

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