Inviting young lawyers, law students, lawyers at firms of any size, any prestige, in house counsel, J.D. holders, bar associations, and the most experienced advocates to join me in:


This specific nook on the internet is home to a collection of MEDI(T)ATIONs recorded for Y-O-U by me. For it is my wish that you, as an individual, take responsibility for your wellbeing - mentally, physically, and spiritually - and this is one of many tools to help you do so.

Together we can create a more mindful, accepting, kind, and healthier legal community.



Today’s meditation we use an affirmation tool to help ourselves exactly where we are. I hope you find this tool useful!



Welcome back!

I like following the breath to stay in the present moment so you might notice breathe is usually weaved into a medi(t)ation of mine. If it seems challenging - that is O.K.. This is a practice!



Welcome to our first MEDI(T)ATION together! I am delighted you are tuning in.

Today we simply meet each other where we are - no expectations, nothing to do but be in the present moment.

** Gratitude and appreciation to my trial comrade and friend, Nikki Guntner, for the named expression of MEDI(T)ATION .