06 | Elenore Bendel Zahn from Earthsprout on Greenylicious living, tips on easing into this sort of lifestyle, and the importance of a solid, grounding morning routine

Yuuu! This week's guest is a magical friend who has been walking down the green living path since she was 19. She has a special outlook and attitude toward life - you can hear it in her voice - and she exudes kindness, love, compassion, and all things greenylicious.  She makes plants f-u-n, delicious to eat (it's true - I have tasted her cooking!), and she inspires us to embrace nature, support our planet, notice the little things, and be playful.

Elenore is a huge advocate for green living and she believes that the core for that is plant-based food.  She has created her own 30Raw Breakfast App and even is on her own T.V. show! If you can't already tell, she is following her passion and doing such a great job at it.

This episode is good for anyone interested in fabulous Greenylicious living, tips on easing into this sort of lifestyle, and the importance of a solid, grounding morning routine.  


Who:  Elenore Bendel Zahn of EarthSprout & The Wildly Home 

Where: She is located in the south of Sweden. 

When: 6 June 2017

What we explore together:

  • What she does for a living or rather what she does to live
  • What she finds most gratifying in her work
  • The challenges she faced when she first started creating and doing this work (combining food, gardening, and making green living feel fun and fabulous)
  • How she overcame the tiny voices that used to appear i.e. doubts
  • How she copes with dark and cold winters
  • Her best tips to ease into the greenylicious/Earthsprout lifestyle if it is new to you
  • How she came to live her dream of building her own green and environmentally friendly home with her husband and two babes
  • Her ongoing documentation of the process and development of her greenylicious environmentally- friendly home - Wildly Home 
  • The importance of a good morning routine

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How Elenore explores 

The world: "To me, I feel like the world can be so small – I can say that I am exploring the world today by being outdoors in our garden, being very present – listening to the birds."

“Exploring the world as it is in your now, your right now”
At the core –
“realizing that we are able to explore the world within ourselves”  

Her mind                            

“By being as still as I can as often as I can.” 

"By trying to find moments of some sort of peace where I can practice being still, in my mind"

Her body:  “Bodies are the coolest things ever!” “I love dancing, I love doing things that put me in my body instead of my mind." Whether it is feeling the grass between her feet, stopping to give a kiss when her husband gets home, or taking a dance break.

“Just stopping. To feel, notice, and be in my body. In movement." 

Her spirit:  "All the time – that could be the reading, the dance, cooking, the grass between my feet, looking into my kids eyes, being on a walk."

“I am someone who is very tapped into my inner source. I live my spirit – I am extremely grateful to have found what I feel like is the thing I am meant to do in this life at a very young age. “
She started her path of green living at 19.
 "In every moment I can I am tapped into my power source – this universe.”

The one activity, habit, behavior that makes Elenore feel in her Natural Beet is

having a good morning routine

Say hi to the world outside the window – notice the wind, say hi to the trees, hear the birds, by doing that you get a pause, a break instead of rushing into the next day as we most often tend to do. She then prepares her morning tonic - the golden detox drink from her site, Earthsprout.

Final words of wisdom:

"Have fun!

Be playful.

Do what you feel like you can do in that moment, don’t be too hard on yourself. Go put on Shakira and just M-O-V-E! Feel what it feels like to be in your body and be passionate. 

And eat some greens!

Have treats." 

Links mentioned or referred to:

Her App, 30Raw Breakfasts


Golden Detox drink

Wildlyh Home

Genuine shilajit


  • " It is such a funny way to say what do I do to make a living I feel that I want to turn that around and say, what do I do to live"
  • “It is most gratifying to see that what I put out into the world is rooted in my desire to make a change, to make a real change in this world, and that it is actually being received that way and actually making a change.”
  • “By having the bravery, the courage to say to yourself okay, let’s freaking go for this, it’s insane but let’s do it, let's combine these passions and see where it takes me” - on following your passion
  • “To me this is the most important work – putting out bursts of inspiration that can in some or any way help people tap into the gorgeousness of being in-tuned to this planet that we are a part of. “
  • “Food is such a major gateway to get to connect with people and to make inspired change that can be lasting”
  • “The hard parts was my own limitations and I continue to break through them everytime I work – on facing her challenges”
  • “It needs to be fun, we need to support the Earth.” - on plant-based greenylicious living
  • “I am a member of today’s society and I like beautiful things and I enjoy hanging with my friends and I love going dancing and it’s, like, my work is my way of trying to combine a contemporary lifestyle with lots of intention and just greenylicious vibes.”
  • “I am the hugest advocate for going with your gut and going with your intuition.”
  • “I don’t have time to worry.” - She's got the b-e-s-t attitude!!
  • “The less time that I got to do the things that I know I meant to be doing, the less space, resistance or any sort of negativity had.”
  • “We are the ornaments we are also the gold, we are the drop but we are also the water it's all here. It is all within reach.” 
  • “Spend time outdoors, as much as you can.” - on coping during a dark and cold winter
  • “It can be really hard starting out.” - with a plant-based diet if you are new to it
  • “Baby steps to learn a few techniques and approaches to plants that can make you get excited.” - advice for starting out with a plant-based diet

A huge shout out to Na'an Stop the jammin' band from Boulder, Colorado for the accompanying podcast music. Their music makes you feel good and want to get up and dance! 

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Photo credit: https://twitter.com/naanstopmusic & http://www.boulderweekly.com/entertainment/music/green-light-for-boulder-band-naan-stop/edit: 

Photo credit: https://twitter.com/naanstopmusic & http://www.boulderweekly.com/entertainment/music/green-light-for-boulder-band-naan-stop/edit: 

Photo credit: https://twitter.com/naanstopmusic & http://www.boulderweekly.com/entertainment/music/green-light-for-boulder-band-naan-stop/edit: 

Photo credit: https://twitter.com/naanstopmusic & http://www.boulderweekly.com/entertainment/music/green-light-for-boulder-band-naan-stop/edit: 

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