12 | Matt Corker on The Corker Co., overcoming negative self-talk, "shipping your ideas," and starting your own 100 Before 100

The next guest on the MNBP is vibrant and committed to making an impact in this world.  Not only is Matt an avid yogi and an open-minded world traveler, he co-owns a business with his sister called The Corker Co. where together they run a people consulting firm.  They want strong leaders to have the opportunity to work with great people so they recruit people to join their client's team or develop their client's current existing team through custom program development or through an online manager training called Manager Start Line. From working at Lululemon to developing and creating the The Corker Co., the dynamic duo have been working together for two full years.

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Matt shared his experience in facing negative self-talk, overcoming it, and learning how to use it to your advantage.  We discussed the notion of "shipping your ideas."  He is a published author writing a book called: "Getting Over the Rainbow."  This book is written in a way that if you picked it up and flipped it open to one page you would get something out of it. We also talked about his "100 before 100" - I was challenged to create my own. Let's see how I go ;) 

This episode is good for anyone interested in learning more about Matt and what he does at The Corker Co., "shipping your ideas," how to overcome and use negative self-talk to your advantage, and making your own "100 before 100."


Who:  Matt Corker

Where: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada where he currently lives.  Matt grew up in Ontario, north of Toronto, and moved to BC for school. 

When:  3 July 2017

What we explore together:

  • Canada Day history and traditions
  • How Matt's education and prior work experiences led him to work at The Corker Co. alongside his sister
  • The good work that is done at The Corker Co.
  • Facing negative self-talk and learning how to use it to your advantage
  • How conversations over a dinner table in Copenhagen turned into the book Matt later wrote and published called: "Getting Over the Rainbow."  
  • How Matt overcame negative self-talk and successfully wrote and published his book 
  • Matt's 100 before 100 - stemming from the idea of a bucket list and how there are all these things we would like to do before we die - what would be the things we want to experience, not necessary goals but the cool detour on the road trip. This list makes sure we still stop and smell the roses.  And of course, you are free to add and take things off to keep yourself in your natural beet. We can always ask ourselves: are these still the detours I want to take/experiences I want to have? 

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How Matt explores 

The world:

"I absolutely love to travel!" Has gone to airport before without an airplane ticket and said let's get on next plane.

"Traveling to new countries."

His favorite way to explore in a new place is on a bike.

His mind                            

He spends a lot of time alone during the day to day so he often needs perspective in order to listen a bit deeper and if so, "I will go sit by the water or sit on our deck." This is an opportunity to be reflective.

He is a big reader of articles and books. He loves to learn.

His body:  

Practicing yoga. 

He recently hired a personal trainer.

"I am also aware that, you know, with all the talk with what is the best thing to eat, it is not necessarily about what is good for my body but also what is good for my body in the environment that my body is in." 

"I love what I eat and I love to eat"

His spirit


He says a little prayer before he jumps on a coaching call or before teaching a yoga class.Right after he says a prayer. This practice keeps him grounded and connected to god, to the higher beings that are around us all of the time and also, connected to my own spirit.

"Continued devotion of I am here, I am so committed to making an impact in this word and I know that I cannot do it alone" - on his prayer

What makes Matt feel alive and electric:

Coming home from a big day of work and spending time with his partner, relaxing and chatting together -

 "makes me remember what is most important in my world"

The one activity, habit, behavior that makes Matt feel in his Natural Beet is:

wake up before 7 o'clock so you can appreciate it, move your body so you can shower before 8:30, and eat breakfast


"At the end of the day, say thank you."

Matt gave me the final words -  I encourage everyone in:

"making the time and the space to invite what feels good to you and what makes you feel like yourself" & "being honest with themselves," making more time and space to appreciate and to do and to act on that - meditation, little walks, - tuning in and figuring out what feels good, and by golly just doing it!"


Matt Corker - Matt's personal website

The Corker Co. 

"War of Art" - Steven Pressfield 

Seth Godin - mentor of Matt

"Getting Over the Rainbow" Matt's book 

Matt's "100 Before 100"

 "The Karma of Love: 100 Answers for your Relationship"- Geshe Michael Roach


  • "We believe a great boss makes a difference in people's lives." 
  • "We are creating a movement of people changing their lives - through a fulfilling career and the other is through love." - about the Corker Co.
  • "Fuel for your dreams." - what they refer to as a severance package
  • "I am a self-proclaimed extrovert" - on his personality
  • "When I first started my blog I was really worried about what other people would think." - on growth
  • "When an idea comes and we don't produce anything with it then we have already killed it." 
  • "We are our worst critic."
  • "Ship your idea."  - just get it out into the world, deliver it, let it be what it is today. 
  • "And ship it again tomorrow." - Just create, just poor it out. 
  • "1. Use resistance as guidepost 2. ship it and get it out the door" - on using resistance to your advantage
  • "I'm less afraid to put things out in the world that may ruffle feathers."
  • "I know I can't please everyone anymore"
  • "I just give him kudos for sticking it out." - on who he used to be in regards to pleasing everyone
  • "I was so mean to myself and at the same time i would never say that to someone else." 
  • "Speak to myself the way that I would want to speak to others" - on being aware of the inner critic
  • "It is not a necessity - on negative chatter
  • "But it is a good example as to where we are at in our comfort zone" - looking at resistance
  • "When something knocks like that into our world, we have to listen" - on tuning into what is knocking
  • "Planting seeds for what you are looking for"
  • "Be a good gardener" - from the book he is currently reading

A huge shout out to Na'an Stop the jammin' band from Boulder, Colorado for the accompanying podcast music. Their music makes you feel good and want to get up and dance! 

Visit them on social media:

Na'an Stop website

Photo credit: https://twitter.com/naanstopmusic & http://www.boulderweekly.com/entertainment/music/green-light-for-boulder-band-naan-stop/edit: 

Photo credit: https://twitter.com/naanstopmusic & http://www.boulderweekly.com/entertainment/music/green-light-for-boulder-band-naan-stop/edit: 

Photo credit: https://twitter.com/naanstopmusic & http://www.boulderweekly.com/entertainment/music/green-light-for-boulder-band-naan-stop/edit: 

Photo credit: https://twitter.com/naanstopmusic & http://www.boulderweekly.com/entertainment/music/green-light-for-boulder-band-naan-stop/edit: 

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