Life as a law student can be stressful and feel overwhelming.  From attending class to preparing your LRW paper and writing your note for the journal, the pressure to succeed and do well is immense. You might find that your social life has dwindled due to your rigorous commitment to your studies and you want to find ways to incorporate more outings into your schedule.  Or the opposite, your social calendar has way too many commitments because you simply cannot miss a networking event.  Or you might find yourself thinking “I wish I had time to take better care of myself” or “I know what I would like to be doing to stay better organized and healthy but I cannot seem to do it.” If so, you are in for a real treat working with me as your wellness mentor.  

Together we will unpack your experience and discover the steps that you need to take to get yourself where you want and so desire to be.  Why would I be good at helping you? Well, I was in law school once. I was even a transfer student at some point! Moving from the northeast to the south so we are talking new state, city, school, classmates, professors, etc., etc.. And I, like you, had to navigate my way through having busy schedules, long readings, and stressful exams.  I even moved my graduation date a semester earlier so you can imagine the time constraint and stress.

My experience plus my passion for helping others develop sustainable wellness practices makes me perfect for the task. Learning how to manage your time wisely and take good care of yourself is never out of fashion especially when you begin to work as a lawyer so I urge you to contact me, below, so that we can start our work together! 


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