Starting Out

My desire to meet you where you are and encourage you each step of the way comes from my own experience. Presently making a daily commitment to myself to fulfill my passion by helping those in the legal profession take better care of themselves so that they can be the best advocate for their clients while fully expressing myself, my truth, and doing work that is truly in alignment with who I am and what I believe in. 

I experienced the stresses and rigors of law school. 

I feel for anyone struggling to pass the bar exam. I have been there – I sat for the exam three times. 

I have participated in multiple day international, foreign-language depositions.  The feeling of preparing for and being at trial is not too far.

I am appreciative for the many years it took to become a lawyer and for the years I have worked as a lawyer and the more I get into it, the more I realize how tough the environment and pace can be - the stress high, the hours long- and I do not recall hearing anyone talk about how they deal with it much less in a way that fosters self-care and enhances wellbeing.

It takes courage to recognize your own strengths, your own weaknesses, and to follow that little feeling in your gut that says: “be true to you and go for it!" This is how I feel about working with young lawyers and their wellbeing. 

Whether you are a busy lawyer, law student or somewhere in between as you prepare for the bar exam, I am here to support you as you take steps in the direction of taking the best care of yourself that you can.  

I believe that we are meant to feel our most radiant, happiest, and healthiest at each stage in our lives so my role will be as your personal cheerleader.  I will provide you support in:

·     changing your habits (for the best and long term!), 

·     learning how to listen to the ways your body uniquely communicates with you, and 

·     developing healthy coping mechanisms that serve you.


You are in the right place if: 


You are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

You often feel overwhelmed.

Your self-care practice is nonexistent. 

You want to be more at ease and at peace in your relationship with yourself and quite possibly with food.

You use food for emotional support rather than for sustenance.

You are open to trying new things/food/behaviors.

You know that you can feel better and you know that you MUST feel better by taking responsibility for your behaviors and habits.

You know that you deserve to be your most radiant self.

You are curious about organic, natural, plant-based eating. 

You want to learn more about yourself. 

Put simply, you want to be your B-E-S-T self because you deserve it!


My Philosophy


We are each in the prized position of being in command of the best-known vehicle to man – our bodies! Unfortunately, more often than not, we are not fully aware of how best to care for ourselves. However, with a mind-full approach and a kind eye - this can be changed and we can become more aware of our bodies innate knowledge and become our own best friends.  Imagine that?


Working with me will be like always having someone you know that is supporting you in all of your wellness efforts and someone that you can call or rely on when you have any doubts. Together we will work on adding in more of the good stuff (for example, healthy foods and juicy movement) while leaving behind what no longer serves you (late night take out, skimping on sleep and/or movement). No matter where you are in your journey, it is never too late to begin. Our bodies are crazy intelligent and can do wonders so let’s get going, together.


What is wellness coaching?


A wellness coach is like a personal support system or personal guide - someone who listens to your health and lifestyle concerns and in a gentle way challenges you to become more familiar with your personal - mind, body, spirit – goals in a supportive, empowering, and uplifting environment.  In my role as a wellness coach, I will support you as you make adjustments each day to achieve your goals. I will not tell you what to do. While we will work together you will be doing the heavy lifting, as your daily life will be where you implement healthy, sustainable lifestyle habits.


I believe that we all know or have an idea of what we could do to make us feel a little better. Whether it means skipping the second plate at the buffet, saying no when you need to rest and not feeling guilty about it, or moving outside during your lunch break – together we will tap into your innate wisdom and you will feel better for it.  I will help you be in charge of and take responsibility for your health and wellbeing.




My offerings are a culmination of what I believe to be the best tools to equip you to feel best in your body. In addition to having worked as a lawyer for over the past three years I am a certified holistic health coach by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and I am a 200hr certified yoga teacher.




Practicing yoga is a special experience that opens your mind and leaves your body feeling strong, at ease, and relaxed.  It important to become intimate with your physical body because if you are not you are missing out on one of the treasures of being a human.  

Before practicing, we can discuss where are you in your practice. If you are a beginner, please do not shy away. Yoga is for everyone, I can assure you. We can practice together for 30 minutes or an hour - the decision is yours. No matter where you are, we can practice together, comfortably. 

If you would like to bring yoga to your working or educational environment by way of encouraging lawyers and employees at the law firm and law students alike to engage in more movement I can provide yoga weekly or even monthly.



Tuning into our internal emotional states we can learn so much about ourselves. I design and teach personalized meditation techniques aimed to increase an overall feeling of wellbeing, a sense of ease, and calmness in your life. 

Again, this can be brought into an office or educational environment. 


Kitchen Clean-Out and Clean-Up


The “Kitchen Out and Up” consists of a visit to your home by me.  One by one and most importantly, together, we will clean-out and clean-up the pantries and fridge! This will be an educational experience as we simultaneously read the food labels for nasties (added sugars, unnatural ingredients, and additives) and observe up close how the marketing of packaged food is borderline false advertising.  Together we will prepare a list of beautiful, whole foods to restock your pantry that might (definitely!) even tease your taste buds. Of course, this list will be tailored to your specific tastes.


Kitchen Clean-Out and Clean-Up + Basic Cooking Lesson


This combines the “Kitchen Out and Up” (see above) with basic cooking lessons. Whether you are completely new to the kitchen, are curious about quinoa, or would like to learn how to make your own almond “milk,” we can make it happen. You will learn tricks and tips tailored to your culinary aspirations. 

Visit to the Grocery Store


I am one of those who could (and sometimes does if unaccompanied!) wander around the grocery store for an unwarranted amount of time fascinated by all there to see and buy.  On this special occasion, I will come along with y-o-u and we will explore the grocery store together! We will focus on the abundance of plant-based treasures available and ready for you to take home with you. We will study the typical lay out of the grocery store to notice which areas of the store are most friendly to our health and bodies and which are more concerned with making a quick buck.


Practical Organization

Whether it is your home or office – we will “Marie Kondo” your space so it feels lighter, fresher, and only contains what gives you joy.  


One-Off Wellness Call: Return that Pep in yo’ Step! 


During this 60 minute session, we will work together to put back that pep in yo’ step! You might be feeling in a rut, un-motivated, or simply, in need of inspiration. You might want some pointers on how to help create a healthier relationship with food, how you can make more time in your day for movement, and how you can “crowd out” sugar.  

Three Month Lawganic Program




**Any of these services may be combined.

*** If we are located in the same city, we will have our session in person in a comfortable and cozy space.  If we are not, we will set up a date via Skype or Facetime. Together we will get you feeling your best.


Please fill in your information below and I will be in touch, very soon! I look forward to working with you.


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