Amsterdam | The Netherlands

Recently I found myself with a few hours to spare in Amsterdam. Yes! I am still pinching myself ;) 

While there are numerous fantastic museums to visit, places to see on a bicycle, and parks to ride through, I found myself riding to Yay Health Store & More. It is nestled in a sweet little neighborhood near the Heineken Experience. Once I parked my bike and entered I knew I had hit jackpot! I am a total sucker for wandering around health food stores and for trying raw and vegan treats that I have never tried before.

Since it was early afternoon and I had not eaten yet that day I decided to make my way to the cafe first.  The menu was full of tasty sounding bites -- orange-miso gazpacho, raw banana bread -- and slurps -- berry sweetness and a variety of juices -- so I decided to go with the Choco Coco Loco smoothie and the crackers. I nestled myself into a super comfortable spot and before too long the food that I ordered arrived.

After my relaxing snack break at the little Yay oasis, I browsed around the store where they had a nice selection of yoga clothes and paraphernalia. After I ventured back out and was able to enjoy some sunshine at Vondelpark :) :) 

Beautiful moments you find yourself in. Be present and bask in it!


Nashville, Tennessee | USA

Hey friends! I recently visited Nashville and while there I stumbled upon a couple of uber cool places that, if you are in town, might want to check out.  Two are wildly plant-based: The Wild Cow and Graze and the other two, Fido and the Frothy Monkey, have options for both vegans and meat-eaters alike. 

The Wild Cow (TWC) is a cosy restaurant and the menu is jam-packed with oodles of salads, main courses, and bowls -- all deliciously vegan! And bonus, if you happen to be there the first Thursday of the month they donate 10% of their sales from that day to an organization in the community. Cool!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cayenne Smoothie, kaa-pow!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cayenne Smoothie, kaa-pow!

Pistachio & Pear Salad

Pistachio & Pear Salad

Cake of the day :) 

Cake of the day :) 

The Wild Cow

1896 Eastland Ave

Nashville, TN

While we were waiting for a table at TWC (our second visit when we brought friends!) we stumbled upon their sister restaurant, located just around the corner. It is called Graze and it is more of a formal bistro with a full bar. We ordered the Spice of Life and the Garden Patch juice while we waited. The Spice of Life carried quite the punch! If you have a chance, visit them for brunch -- their menu looked full of yummy dishes.


1888 Eastland Ave

Nashville, TN 37206

If you are in East Nashville make sure to pop in to either but hopefully both.

A friend of ours recommended that we try Fido out for breakfast. It is located near the campus of Vanderbilt University.  Fortunately, we were early and beat the crowd so we avoided a long wait but when we left there were many hungry Fido-fans standing in line. Overall, we enjoyed the coffee, food, and now I would like to know how to make their stewed kale -- it was warm, spicy, and tasty!

1812 21st Ave S

Nashville, TN 37212

Alternatively if you are downtown and want a coffee or a bite to eat, check out Frothy Monkey. We had a simple bite -- a strawberry and spinach salad with a side of rye toast, hummus and salsa with corn chips. If I had the chance to visit FM again I would try their rosemary honey latte. 

Frothy Monkey

235 5th Ave N

If you want to tour the city, buy a ticket and hop aboard the Old Town Trolley.  We spent a few hours on it one afternoon and were pleasantly surprised with the knowledge of the guides -- they were very humorous! and could tell you anything that you ever wanted to know about Nashville. You can hop on and off whenever like!

Marathon Motor Works

Last but not least I picked up the newly published cookbook of "one of the best food blogs" (recently voted!) in Nashville -- Nutrition Stripped by McKel Hill.  She lives in Nashville and has a stellar wellness presence. I have been following her for the past few years and was so happy to pick up her newest creation. Way to go, McKel!

May this find you...

P.S. - By far the MOST exciting thing that happened to me while in Nashville... Sending a huge hug to both of my parents!