Bridgetown | Barbados

My time in the Caribbean was amazing!! It came at the most perfect time too - justo despues sitting for a bar exam. Barbados is a beautiful country.  What brought me here was a dear friend of mine, N.  We met while we both lived in Spain. We were in the same Spanish class and instantly had a special connection. It had been five years since we had seen each other!  N is kind, warm-hearted, and has a calming aura.  N and her beau, A, showed me the ins and outs of the island. We saw a Davis Cup match, the Gold Cup Horse Race, and were even able to match a Polo match.  We shared and taught each other recipes, talked long into the cool breezy night, and mainly enjoyed the time that we had together.  Below is a glimpse into the beauty of the island and a few To Dos!


Beach day at Pebbles Beach


Before dinner at Cafe Sol (, a lively Mexican restaurant with a picturesque view


My first polo match

To do

1. Go on a catamaran tour. It is a beautiful way to see the land from the water. 

2. Visit Holder's Farmers Market and get a tea or coffee at The Market Cafe.  You can even buy freshly brewed Kombucha and incense! It is a lovely place to spend the morning. 

3.  Explore the city of Bridgetown.  Get a little lost and see what you stumble upon.

4. Go to Pebble's Beach and play in the sand! Remember suncream ;) 

You can see the beauty for yourself, huh? 


In the meantime, I encourage you to do more of what you like :) :)