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Studying for the bar? Join me this Saturday, see your invitation just below.

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This presentation focuses on the non-black letter law essentials for passing the bar and I will be talking about the importance of the following:

  • practicing self-care,
  • stress management,
  • mindfulness, and
  • organization

as you continue to study hard and prepare yourself for the bar exam.

Together with the ICE Foundation, and, specifically, G.C. Murray we are creating a lively, light, and fun space to discuss the above topics (which also happen to be extremely close to my heart). Practical tips will be shared and I will speak a little about my experience preparing for the Florida bar - yes, all three times - and I am certain it will bring a smile to your face :) 

So I invite you to take a little study break, make yourself a cup of tea or a smoothie (coffee - anything you like!), and tune in!

I look forward to seeing you there. 

All of these pictures were taken directly by me during and throughout my prep experience.

Happy International Women's Day!

My dear friend! Today is yours, and so is every other day. Be happy, live your life fully, do whatever you want and may all you dreams come true! Happy Women’s Day!
— K. K.

“Here’s to strong women.

May we know them.

May we be them.

May we raise them.”

– Unknown




Sending light and love to all women, today and everyday <3

Successfully practicing gratitude and law in 2018

In the New Year, resolutions are made, aspirations are high, and we each have the intent to have the best possible coming year.  What about making gratitude an integral part of your life this year?


So. What is gratitude? And how can I incorporate it into the practice of law?


Gratitude is giving thanks, feeling and being thankful and appreciative for what you have, where you are, and what is now - the present. Gratitude makes everything you have enough. 


Incorporating gratitude in the practice of law can easily be folded into your everyday routine. Consider the following tips and remember, be patient with yourself and take one step at a time.


1. Start the day - either mentally or physically - recounting what you are grateful for. You can be grateful for the warm, quiet rest you just had, to the roof over your head and anything in between. If you like to write, get a special journal, and make a list of what things you are grateful for each morning. Make it a morning ritual. If you have a busy morning before you get out the door with kids or walking the dog, consider taking a few seconds once your alarm rings to put in your mind and heart what you are grateful for. 


2. Spread your gratitude. Say thank you, open doors for others, and do one kind thing for a colleague or even for a stranger. You never know the difference you might make in someone else's day by just slowing down and being a little kinder than usual.  As a litigator, go out of your way to be extra thoughtful to even your most dreaded and despised opponent. Compliment your adversary on a job well done, forget your ego, and, for a change, be courteous to the other side. As a non-litigator, emphasize the importance of your employees’ work to your practice and let them know you appreciate their contribution to the overall administration of justice.


3. Practice present-moment appreciation. Put down your electronics, push back from your desk, lean back in your chair, look up at the ceiling, and bring the moment into your consciousness and awareness. Take a deep breathe and be thankful for your life, its meaning, and your contribution and service to others. By staying in the present, you slow down, and can truly appreciate what you are experiencing - from preparing for a trial, writing a brief to meeting with clients. 


 4. Observe your surroundings, especially the natural environment.  What do you hear, smell, sense, feel? As lawyers we spend nearly all of our time inside at a desk immersed in the demands in the tasks before us so it can be difficult to pull away, observe, and even take in fresh air.  If you have just five minutes to pop outside for fresh air and sunlight it will contribute to your feelings of calm and wellbeing.  If you do not have any time during the workday to get outside, try to incorporate a pre-work or even post-work routine that includes spending time outside, observing and, if possible, exercising. 


May this be a gentle reminder of the positive contributions that you can each make in the legal profession and, on a larger scale, the world by practicing gratitude. It is never too late to show kindness, be gracious, and start to practice gratitude. May you seamlessly and successfully practice gratitude and law in 2018.

"Let's grow those flowers, ya'll"

Have you ever noticed after doing that one little daily habit or activity you love that you seem to feel healthier, happier, and and truly in your "natural beet?" This could be from going to your favorite exercise class, making your bed each morning to spending an afternoon with one of your favorite friends.  

My wish is to encourage Y-O-U to continue to utilize these moments, daily. To inspire you. To increase your feeling of wellbeing. And even to treat yourself on a moment to moment basis!  How rad is that? For each action adds to another and as my friend, Hieu, so wisely told me once,

"What you tend to grows, flowers or thorns."

My second wish is that you continue to investigate what you like and who you are by trying new things. Whether it be a yoga class, visiting a new country, or even taking an alternative route home this evening. You never know how one little tweak can make all of the difference during a day or how it might shed light on an experience that you had earlier. 

A few of my little habits include:

  • making my bed
  • sipping warm water throughout the day
  • 5 huge deep breathes filling your tummy and your chest, at any time of the day, preferably outside
  • "watering" my favorite interests & passions
  • walking in the fresh air
  • practicing yoga
  • stretching
  • moving my body in any way that feels good at that moment
  • turning music on and letting it raise my spirits
  • write a list of what you are grateful for

In any event, I encourage you and I cheer you forward in continuing with your fave daily habits while exploring new avenues and ways to make yourself feel good.  

Let's grow those flowers!

Do you have any special habit or activity that you do that energizes you and makes you feel calm in yourself? If so, please share by commenting below.