My First Sprint Tri

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

-Arthur Ashe


I took the train from Nørreport and remember seeing many participants with their speedy, sleek racing bikes. For a milli-second I felt out of place with my beautiful but heavy, wide-basketed Raleigh city bike. With self-awareness and a non-judgmental approach, I decided to embody the above quote when I showed up to my first sprint triathlon.

Starting where I am, using what I have, and doing what I can.

I have two girl friends that I met in college that I know are “into” triathlons. They have the gear, are strong, and are fiercely active. I also have a colleague at work who is very much into long endurance runs and tris and I remember that my brother participated in a tri the year before. One of my above mentioned friends is the biggest inspiration to me. She trains daily, stays motivated, and has even done multiple Ironmans - both half and full. While that may or may not be the end goal for any one person, I admire the drive to do something daily to move and to challenge yourself.

Over the course of the past few months I have come to believe that:


Curious about the tri experience and with the encouragement of my brother who had done one himself, I signed up in the dead of winter for a women’s spring tri in May. I felt a little nervous once I signed up but I believed that I could do it. Taking notes from my friends, colleague, and brother, and staying semi-active I trained off and on during the spring. Of course, I could have always trained more.

Returning Wednesday before the Sunday race from a transatlantic two week journey with jet lag and an epic tiredness, I felt even more nervous. Being a no show was not an option so I prepared my gear, my self, and I showed up. I was in good time (as you can see in the picture below!) and coincidentally met the nicest two ladies who I ended up spending a few hours with as we waited for our time to start. I knew I was in good company when one of the ladies said to me “This is such a hyggeligt tri.” and “I have not gotten into a pool in months.” It was then that I remembered why I had signed up - to try something new/challenge myself, to move my body, and TO HAVE FUN.

Heaviest bike on the course!

Heaviest bike on the course!


All in all, it was a great introduction to and first experience with the triathlon sport. I had fun, laughed a lot at myself, and felt accomplished. I also really enjoy recounting my experience with family, friends, and colleagues - one in particular, C! We really cracked up when I shared and showed pictures from my first tri experience ;)

Have you any experience with triathlons? If so, would love to hear in the comments below!