Self-care is an essential practice in my life day in and day out.  It is something that has become very important to me in the last couple of years. To me, it encompasses my habits, attitude, activities, and the way that I carry myself. If I feel run down or overwhelmed I am careful to amend my schedule and/or take time for myself so that I can recharge and show up feeling my best. 

Practicing self-care = more self-love

While more and more self-love can be cultivated from self-care we must be aware of our attitude towards ourselves. Whether we are internally criticizing the way X looks or comparing ourselves to others, we must be mindful and not judge ourselves when we are having these thoughts. We must recognize them, like clouds in the sky, and direct our attention towards something else, something that will make us feel confident, strong, and happy.  

Self-love = more confidence, strength and happiness

With this, I hope that you will continue in your natural beet practicing self-care, cultivating self-love, and sharing your inner light and goodness with the world.

May you,