While this is a large umbrella term for managing our emotions in a productive and positive way and feeling at ease with ourselves and those around us, each one of us could benefit from putting a little bit of energy and more love into enhancing our individual emotional wellbeing. Over the years the following practices have helped me maintain an even keel and be more at ease with my emotions - both the nice and the not as nice.


1. FRESH AIR. Getting outside is one of the easiest ways we can take a moment and recharge. It helps us get perspective and gather ourselves. 

2. ONE ON ONE TIME WITH YOURSELF. This is one of the best ways you can check in with yourself and see how you are feeling and what is going on. Spending time alone is healthy and I encourage you to try it. 

3. CONNECTION. Personal, meaningful relationships are so important especially in this day and age of social media and the ability to be next to someone but not really be there. Allow yourself to (often!) reach out to those you feel closest to because you will not only hear how they are you can share what yourr current experience with them.  

4. STRESS MANAGEMENT. Find a few activities that help you let off the steam and stress of the day.  Joining a gym is a great idea. If gyms are not for you, find a running club or a swimming pool. Managing your stress does not have to entail physical activity as you might find that, for you, cooking a homemade meal or listening to your favorite music immediately helps you feel at ease and calm.

5. REST. Taking the time to just be and rest is extremely underrated, especially in the society and culture we live in where maintaining a jam-packed schedule is the norm.  If you are feeling tired, allow yourself to go to bed early. There is nothing wrong with that!

The above-mentioned practices are simple but can make such a different in managing your emotions and keeping an even keel. May you continue to explore any practices that positively impact your emotional wellbeing!