Amsterdam | The Netherlands

Recently I found myself with a few hours to spare in Amsterdam. Yes! I am still pinching myself ;) 

While there are numerous fantastic museums to visit, places to see on a bicycle, and parks to ride through, I found myself riding to Yay Health Store & More. It is nestled in a sweet little neighborhood near the Heineken Experience. Once I parked my bike and entered I knew I had hit jackpot! I am a total sucker for wandering around health food stores and for trying raw and vegan treats that I have never tried before.

Since it was early afternoon and I had not eaten yet that day I decided to make my way to the cafe first.  The menu was full of tasty sounding bites -- orange-miso gazpacho, raw banana bread -- and slurps -- berry sweetness and a variety of juices -- so I decided to go with the Choco Coco Loco smoothie and the crackers. I nestled myself into a super comfortable spot and before too long the food that I ordered arrived.

After my relaxing snack break at the little Yay oasis, I browsed around the store where they had a nice selection of yoga clothes and paraphernalia. After I ventured back out and was able to enjoy some sunshine at Vondelpark :) :) 

Beautiful moments you find yourself in. Be present and bask in it!