Preparing for the bar can be a daunting task. Whether it is your first or third time, we will work together to set yourself up for success - to put your self in the best position possible to pass. We will discuss the study habits that worked for you in law school and together we will incorporate those tools combined with a bit of organization, stress management, and a touch of mindfulness into your current daily routine so that you can shine your best and brightest on the exam.

While these are merely tools and not the black letter law they are equally important while preparing for the exam for if you cannot manage your stress and emotions throughout the process of preparing day in and day out then how do you expect yourself to show up to the exam ready to pass?


I am a Florida Bar licensed lawyer and wellness coach and mentor for lawyers and law students.  I sat for the Florida Bar exam three times. I  have been on the end of full out failing, passing one section and not another, having my MPRE score expire and having to re-sit for it two years after I initially took it, and finally, passing all three concomitantly. The first time I received my (failing) results my dad, unfortunately, had to give me the news over FaceTime video because I could not access the Supreme Court’s website from where I live. Imagine!

Each time I prepared, I slowly but surely honed in on what propelled me forward both calmly and confidently and left anything that was not serving my goal - of passing - behind.  Whether you feel completely overwhelmed, need a few resources or tools to calm your nerves or simply want support throughout this experience, I am your person. Together we can incorporate simple yet effective tools that can help you succeed on the bar exam.

If any part my story or what I offer peaks your interest or curiosity, in any sense of the word, I urge you to contact me. A brief chat might be just what you need to get yourself together and motivated to setting yourself up for success. I know I greatly appreciated those who talked to me offering me kind words or just listening to my situation.


Free consultation

We will sync up to see where you are and see how might we work best together.  Our conversation/ consultation does not bind you.

Includes: 30 minutes Skype/Facetime audio or video call with me.



We can get a road map together for setting yourself up for success on the bar exam. Great if you want to focus on one issue (f.x. organization or stress management) or if we have worked together before and you want to touch base.

Includes: 60 minute Skype/Facetime audio or video call with me.



Perfect if you are currently studying for the bar exam and feel like you need an extra boost of support, motivation, and/or encouragement.

Includes: 60 minute Skype/Facetime audio or video call with me, 4 sessions over 1 month, unlimited e-mail support.



This is the program  I recommend if you are serious about setting yourself up for success on the bar exam. 

Includes: 60 minute Skype/Facetime audio or video call with me, 8 sessions over 2 months, unlimited e-mail support.