A Little About Me

Hi, my name is Alexandra, although I am known as and have gone by Cookie since before I could walk, and I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. Born and raised on the Florida Gulf Coast, I have called Miami, Madrid, the MV Explorer, Boston, and Tallahassee home. 

I graduated from Florida State University College of Law and I am formally trained and licensed as a lawyer. Prior life experiences and particularly during my legal education, I realized the importance of self-care and in general, living a life that makes you feel entirely full, happy, and energized. It was also during this time that I discovered my inner passion for plant-based living, wellness, movement, self-awareness, and when I was finally complete with my rigorous studies, a reignited love and longing for world travel. 

I am a certified Yoga Alliance 200 hour yoga teacher from Vibrantly Alive Yoga and a certified holistic health coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I love to spend time outdoors and in the sunshine, on the water, traveling, moving my body, cooking food, practicing and teaching yoga, reading, listening to others, and in general, keeping an open mind and heart. I am an avid advocate for taking care of the body in a loving and healing manner (whether from stress, anxiety, eating disorders, anxiety, etc.) and for intuitively eating and moving. 

Through this platform, I am of service in helping lawyers and professionals discover the tools that they have readily available to them that help them feel more at ease, manage their daily personal and professional stress, and simply provide a kind and open space that encourages personal responsibility, self-care, self-awareness, and self-discovery.

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