A Little About Me

Despite being old fashioned (in that I would much prefer to meet in person and that this is a bit out of my comfort zone), here I am:

My name is Alexandra but I have gone by Cookie since I was a couple of months old. I have a passion for holistic and sustainable wellness for both our bodies, minds, spirits, and our planet 🌍 .

Both my personal and professional experiences (int’l depositions and trial work) inform my work with others in finding their way in taking the best care of themselves despite the unpredictable nature of what we experience on the day to day. Specifically, my focus is on creating sustainable habits that can be used and relied on all times. You can expect to find information and resources about holistic lifestyle including but not limited to meditations, movement / fitness, plant-based food and holistic nutrition, travel, and more.

May this kind and open space encourage personal responsibility, self-care, self-awareness, and self-discovery.

If you made it this far with me, I hope you will introduce yourself or even connect with me if you would like. I look forward to what many more wonderful connections will be made on this platform 🙏🏽

And, by chance, you would like to say hello, please fill in the boxes just below and press submit. I look forward to hearing from you!

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